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Aspire Electronic Reading Lists - a guide for staff: Home

Welcome to the support site for Aspire

Welcome to the Plymouth University support site for the Aspire reading list system.  This site aims to support Plymouth University staff in the creation and maintenance of Aspire electronic reading lists.  If you are unable to find the answer to your query here please email

*** Book through the Employee Self Service for the full introductory course ***


The new student view means that you will need to publish your list in a slightly different way.
Click on the Beta link to take you back to the 'old' list view and find the 'publish' link in the 'edit' button

If you want to edit the list, or delete it, these options are in the edit button:

Step 1 Getting started

Requesting digitised chapters/articles

Step 2 Creating your list structure

Link sections of your list into Moodle

Step 3 Adding items to your list