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Aspire Electronic Reading Lists - a guide for staff: Requesting chapters & articles

Electronic versions of chapters and articles

Aspire allows you to request a digitised copy of book chapters or journal articles, allowing all your students access through your reading list, previously we would have called this an e-offprint.  You can request a digisation of any book chapter, whether we have a copy in the library or not.  You can request an article from a journal to which we don't subscribe, or key articles which may be in journals which are only available on campus.  Copyright regulations mean that not every article or chapter may be digitised, it generally depends on the publishers.

Requesting an electronic chapter or article

Before you can request a digitisation you must first of all add the record into your reading list.

Book chapters

  • If it is a chapter from a book we have in the library collection, (either print or electronic) bookmark the book from Primo
  • If we don't have the book in the library, you could bookmark the details from Amazon, the publisher's website, or the British Library catalogue.

Journal articles

  • Bookmark the journal title from Primo, if there is a record
  • Bookmark the journal article from a journal homepage, database or Google Scholar if we don't have a subscription to the article.

Or you could manually add the bookmark

  • Sign into Aspire and go to My Bookmarks
  • Add bookmark and add manually like this:

  • You can then manually add the relevant fields and copy and paste information into those fields.


Once you have added the record to your reading list, from the edit button, edit list:


Find the item you wish to request and request digitisation:


Follow the link and fill in the online form, most information will automatically feed in from the bookmarking process.

Once you have requested your item, the system will go through all the necessary copyright checks, and your request will then be sent off to the British Library for scanning.

You will be notified by email when the digitisation is available, at this point check that the link is in Aspire and that you can open up the digitisation. You may like to edit the information to reflect more accurately what the digitisation is.