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Print books

  • All students can borrow 20 books

  • All loanable books can be borrowed for 6 weeks (unless someone else needs the book)

  • No charges for late returns (unless someone else needs the book)

  • Some books are reference only (can only be used in the library)

How to borrow books & renew your loans is covered in the Library & IT Induction tutorial).

What do I do if I can't find the book I need?

The book details are on Primo but all copies are on loan?

Place a request on the title - the book should then be returned within 1 week and you will be emailed to say it is ready for you to collect from the library. Unsure how to request? Watch the video

The book details are on Primo but can't find it on the shelf?

Ask the library staff at the Information Desk to help. If the book is a key text ask the library staff to inform the relevant Information Specialist

The book details do not appear on Primo?

If it's on a reading list let the relevant lecturer know. You can recommend the book to your Information Specialist. (see Home page for the name of your librarian)

Primo Electronic Library - Find books, journals and more

Opening and downloading ebooks off-campus