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Mobile applications and resources: Welcome


Welcome to the Library Guide for mobile apps and resources. In this guide you will find mobile apps and sites which will help your study and research. We hope you find it useful.


 Please contact your Information Specialist if you have any comments or queries about this guide.

Connect with Plymouth on your mobile

Connect to Eduroam (the University's wifi network) via mobile device:

Mobile with Plymouth app:

Powered by campusM, the Mobile with Plymouth app gives access to your timetable, email plus Primo (library) search and campus maps and directions across campus via GPS ... and lots more...


Find an available computer on campus:

App or mobile site?

An app is a piece of software designed to perform a specific task on a smartphones or tablet PCs e.g. an 'email app'.  Many apps are free and others can be purchased.  View the app store of your mobile device (the operating system of your device will dictate which app store you can buy or download free apps from e.g. iTunes for iPhones, Google Play for Android, Blackberry World for Blackberry etc.)

A mobile site is a normal desktop website that displays differently on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. They allow access to much of the same content of the original website, but are easier to view on a smaller screen. Mobile sites are free and don't need to be downloaded from an app store. 

For example, the Plymouth University website, Moodle, Libguides & Primo all automatically default to mobile view when viewed on a smaller screen.