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Government & Society: Off campus

Off-campus access to resources

Accessing resources from home

** We are breaking down the barriers. Access to library e-resources has improved and in most cases is now the same on and off campus: **

How has the library made it easier to access the full text?

Using library links e.g. Primo, Library Subject Guides, e-Reading List links now provides seamless access to the full text.  You will be prompted to sign into the portal and then you can access the full text.  This is the recommended route.

What about Athens?

Athens has been replaced.  For most resources, you will not need to do any further sign in at the publisher website when reaching these websites via Primo, Library Subject Guides or e-Reading Lists.

Can I 'Google' things?

The new authentication system means most resources can now be accessed via non-library links too e.g. a Google search, however this does require you to know how to authenticate at the publishers' websites.  In most cases you will need to ‘choose your institution’ from a list. Other options include: 'Shibboleth' or 'UK Federation'.

See this A-Z list of resource guides which gives screen-shot access guidance for each resource.

Please note that not all resources can be accessed via a Google search and that Plymouth Library links are the recommended routes.

Problems accessing the full text?

First of all check that the Library subscribes to the resource in question via Primo's 'Books, Journal Titles etc.' search facet.

Contact your Information Specialist or if you require further advice or check out the links below: