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Aspire Electronic Reading Lists - a guide for staff: Step1 Getting Started

  1. Create a profile - add a picture if you like
  2. Drag & drop the 'add to my bookmarks' tool onto your toolbar for each computer you use
  3. Move onto step 2, creating your list

Follow the link here to get to the reading list page (opens in a new window)

1. Create a profile

Sign in and create your profile

  1. From the library homepage  click on the reading lists link or go direct to the site
  2. Log in then create a profile.


  • Create your profile, add a photo if you wish, ensure your profile is set to public 

Next step is to add your bookmarking tool to your toolbar.

2. Add the Aspire 'bookmarking tool' to your toolbar

Your bookmarking tool looks like this:

You will need to add  it to your favourites bar before you can start adding resources to your reading list.

From Aspire, go to 'my bookmarks' and the install bookmark button:

Simply follow the instructions on the screen, or have a look at the short screencast below.  For Firefox and Chrome it's simply a matter of dragging and dropping the 'add to my bookmarks' tool onto your favourites toolbar.

When you can sign in and you have your add to my bookmarks tool on your toolbar, you are ready to create your reading list 

Note: If you can't see the 'add to my bookmarks' tool on your toolbar, first check that your toolbar is visible, like this, if you are using Chrome:


Public or Private

The user profile area allows you to tell the system who you are and what kind of user you are (i.e. an academic, a student etc.).  You can upload a photograph, via, and your students will be able to see who has created a particular list, depending on whether the owner chooses to have a public or private profile.

We recommend a public profile:

  • Students will be able to find your list if they search by your name

  • Information Specialists will know who owns a list - this helps if you add a note to the library