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Aspire Electronic Reading Lists - a guide for staff: Step2 Creating your list

Create your list

  1. Create your reading list
  2. Link it to Moodle
  3. Create a structure to your list
  4. Time to move onto  step 3, adding items to your list

Follow the link here to get to the main reading list page (opens in new window)

Create your reading list

***If you haven't yet created your profile or put your 'bookmarking tool' onto your toolbar, please have a look at the information on the Step1 getting started tab***

If you have done this, log into Aspire and:

  • Choose My Lists
  • Click on Create a new list
  • In the name box type in the Module code ensuring you type it exactly as it appears on any documentation, with no spaces
  • You can include the module title in the description box
  • If known, include the approximate number of students on the module (for reporting purposes)
  • Link to hierarchy enables you to link your list to your moodle site
  • Type in the module code, select the correct module and save
  • N.B. Node = module code


  • Once you're happy, create list, although you can amend details at any time.
  • You will be asked to assign yourself as the list owner, your name will then appear on the reading list, with your picture if you have added it to your profile!

***If your module doesn't appear in the hierarchy please contact your Information Specialist, or email***

Adding a structure to your reading list

You can structure your list in any way you like - you may wish to structure it by resource type, or importance level, or to reflect your moodle site, it is entirely up to you.


Adding sections to your list

  • From the right hand side of the screen drag the new section by clicking on the “handle” next to new section

  • Drag to the main body of the screen and drop when you see a dotted line.

  • Give the section a name (you can edit this at any time)

  • You can add a note (to give more information).  The video below explains notes and pages.

  • Aspire will automatically save any changes you make to your lists in a draft format.

  • Your list will not be visible until you press publish.

The short screencasts below will show you how to create a reading list and how to structure it.


Creating a reading list

Adding sections to your reading list