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Aspire Electronic Reading Lists - a guide for staff: Step3 Adding items to your list

Ideas for your list

Have a look at this sample list we've created, which will show you the different types of resources you can link to.

Adding items to your reading list

Anything with a URL can be put into your reading list, once you have the 'Bookmarking tool' on your toolbar.

 More detailed information can be found by following the links from the box on the left of this page, but the principles are the same, no matter what you are adding:

  • Locate the resource you want to add
  • Click on 'add to my bookmarks'
  • Create and add to list
  • Choose which section you want it to be in
  • Add any notes for students

***Your lists will not appear in Moodle until you publish them***

Notes to students and library

Notes to students

You can add notes to the students - this could include advise on chapters to read or instructions on accessing the material.

Notes to library

You may wish to write a note for the library, for example, to request more copies or to purchase a new edition.  

For the library to see those notes you must request a review, either within the edit mode or from the published/draft list: