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Aspire Electronic Reading Lists - a guide for staff: Adding sections of a list into moodle

Perfect if you have a reading list but you would like to signpost students to particular resources for seminars or weeks.

N.B. Display will be slightly different depending on which browser is used.

Display will also be slightly different depending on which format the moodle site is set, i.e. grid, collapsed topic or week by week.

  • In the moodle site you wish your reading list section to appear in, go into the ‘edit’ mode.
  • Navigate to the section you want your reading list section to appear in and find the ‘add an activity or resource’ button:


  • Choose the talis course resource list option:



The next page gives the opportunity to:
  • give the list a name – ‘Course resource list’ is the default
  • choose how to display the list –
    • on a separate page – displays as a hyperlink
    • inline on a course page – displays within the moodle page.  Tick the box to ‘show list sections expanded’ to display in an ‘uncollapsed’ way.
Choose which option and then:

  • The next page is the authentication page – just a click through.
If the moodle site has a linked reading list it will appear, if there is more than one list associated with that site they will all be listed.  
  • Choose the list and the section and save - the section should now be visible within your chosen section of moodle like this: