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Tech for Learning: Personalisation

Use tools that can: 

  • make your screen easier on the eyes
  • remove distractions from websites
  • summarise content
  • improve your speed reading
  • improve your comprehension

A lot of what you need is already built into your device and student PCs.
Find out how to make the most of it.

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Microsoft Accessibility 

Microsoft has a lot of in-built accessibility tools.
Find out what your pc is able to do at Microsoft Accessibility

Apple Accessibility

Accessibility options can be found in Settings under General - Accessibility

Here you can access tools to assist:

  • Vision (VoiceOver, Invert Colours, set Text to Speech options, Text size etc)
  • Interaction (Switch Control, Assistive Touch etc)
  • Hearing (set up Bluetooth for hearing aids, Audio, Subtitles and Captioning and Audio Descriptions etc) and Learning.

Find out what your Apple device is able to do at Apple Accessibility

Android Accessibility 

You can customise your Android device using accessibility settings and apps. Accessibility features can be found under the Settings menu on Android devices.  From here you can alter the device settings to assist with Vision (Talkback, Screen Shade and Screen Colour Adjustment etc), Hearing (Captions, Notification LED etc) and Motor and Cognition (Touch Feedback time, Touch Control etc).
Find out what your device is able to do at Android Accessibility

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