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EndNote: Getting started

A guide to EndNote for Plymouth University staff and students

Finding EndNote on a University computer

On a staff computer:

Currently the University is using version X9.  If you can’t see EndNote from the university software menu please follow the instructions:

From the Start Menu, search for Software Centre
From the list of available software:
Scroll down to EndNote X9, select and Install


On an Open Access computer:

EndNote X8 is loaded onto all student and Open Access computers and MACs, and can be found by typing EndNote into the search menu    above the start button.

Saving your EndNote Library

Saving your library

Once you have opened EndNote  you will be asked to save your new library. We advise you to save your EndNote library on your computer, (documents or desktop), but always keep a backup on an external hard drive.

Note: We do not advise that you save your EndNote Library on any cloud storage facility, e.g. one drive or drop box.  Over time your EndNote Library can become corrupted.  You can however save a backup compressed copy onto your One Drive.


Saving a compressed copy of your library

From your EndNote library, choose File and then Compressed Library (.enlx)... (Note: this is also how you can email a copy of your library to someone).  To save a backup library, leave as the default options:


Once you click on Next, it may take a while, depending on the size of your library and/or the number of attachments you have. EndNote will save this compressed library in one file, with the .enl and the .data files together.  If you have to open up the compressed library, it will open up the 2 files.

Save regularly

If you are regularly adding to your Library, it is important to back up regularly - save with a date in the name, e.g My EndNote backup Jan 2017.

You can also synchronise your Desktop library with an Online library.

Access to Endnote X9 from home

Endnote X9 is available from the Work@Home website to download your home computer

EndNote X9 is available from the Work@Home website.

  • Students will need to log into the website via this link:
  • Then go to the section named ‘Show Free of Charge Windows Applications’.
  • Within this section is an option for ‘Clarivate Analytics EndNote X9’.

Before downloading the software

  • Ensure all Office products such as Word and Outlook are closed
  • READ the instructions -as this includes the key you need to download successfully.

  • You will also have to manually download the university styles as well (see further information here)

Purchasing EndNote

If you want to purchase  your own personal EndNote software you can get it at a discounted rate.  For each license purchased, EndNote X9 may be installed on up to 3 computers (both Mac and Windows) for exclusive use by the license holder. The EndNote X9 license is a one-off charge for a perpetual license (no time limits). 

Setting up and synching an EndNote Online library

EndNote Online can be used together with the desktop version of EndNote, allowing you to work on your desktop version at work, and your online version from home, syncing the 2 together so that they always mirror each other.

You can set up an EndNote Online account and sync it with your desktop version:

From your EndNote library:

  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Sync
  • Choose Enable sync from the pop up box
  • Register for an account

From now on your desktop library and your online library will automatically sync.  

More information on EndNote Online can be found here.

Trouble syncing?

The most common problem for causing this is you have had to change your EndNote online password

You need to reset the syncing.

To do this

Open EndNote >click on Edit>Preferences>Sync. Disable all automatic syncing and then restart EndNote. Make sure the Trash is empty both in EndNote online as well as in EndNote X9 desktop