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EndNote: Collecting references

A guide to EndNote for Plymouth University staff and students

Adding references to your EndNote library

One of the time saving functions of EndNote is the ability to export references directly from databases into your library.

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Collecting references and adding them to your EndNote Library

Please note: – databases vary in the quality of their downloadable information. Some databases are very accurate and the information downloaded rarely has errors or needs editing. Other databases are much less reliable and although they download most of the information needed, sometimes data is added to the wrong field or missed out altogether. It is essential that records are checked and manually edited as soon as you import them into your library.

General principles of exporting references

The general principles are pretty much the same in all databases:

  • Search for your references and select those you want to put into EndNote
  • Look for the 'export' option, and save to EndNote
  • Check the information has all downloaded correctly into EndNote

Below you can see some short videos on collecting references from some of our resources.

Linking a file to your EndNote reference

EndNote allows you to link up to  45 files to one reference!  These could be a graphic, a Word document, a pdf, a spreadsheet, for example.