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Library Research Support & Services: ORCiD: adding past works

Populate your ORCiD profile with minimum fuss

This guide explains how to add grants and past publications to ORCiD profiles using:

  • Scopus and ResearcherID automatic wizards (including how to merge any duplicate Scopus IDs)

  • BibTeX upload from Google Scholar and Symplectic Elements

  • UberResearch automatic wizard for adding Grant details

Adding past publicatiions

Once registered you will see this screen.  Simply use the auto "Add some now" options to auto populate your ORCiD profile:

Add your past publications:

[Other research tools offer import options e.g. MLA, PubMed, although these connections are not as seamless as Scopus/ResearcherID.]

Google Scholar, Symplectic Elements and Endnote connections:

[We recommend using these options to add any remaining works not found via the automated wizards in ORCiD]

BibTeX files can be uploaded to ORCiD.  Google Scholar, Elements and Endnote can generate BiBTeX files e.g.:

  • Google Scholar:
    Sign into your Google Scholar profile > select all > export:

  • Symplectic Elements:
    Log into Elements
    Go to your Publications via 'Menu' > 'Publications'

    • Either: Tick/select any publications not already picked up by a Scopus connection > 'Export'

    • Or: If you have no publications indexed in Scopus and more than 10 publications listed in Elements, change the view to display up to 100 publications at a time
      Click 'Select all on page' > 'Export'

  • For Endnote, export as a txt-file then follow the import options in ORCiD as below

  • ‚ÄčUploading saved BibTeX files into ORCiD:

Sign into ORCiD > Works > add works > 'import BibTex' > 'choose file'

Any remaining records not captured via these tools can be added manually.

Adding details of grants

Add your grants: