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Criminal Justice

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Search Primo for print and electronic books purchased by the library.

Here's a brief presentation on searching for books

You cannot search for book chapters - search for the book!
You can search for books by author, title words or subject - but just use 1 surname if known) and 2 or 3 words.
DO CHANGE 'Everything' to 'Books, Journal titles etc' before clicking 'Search'.
Use the left hand column options to limit results, e.g.: 'Books'. 

Criminal Justice and Police Studies books can be mainly found between 362 and 364 on level 2 of the library. Some aspects might be shelved within the law books (340 to 349) which are held as a separate collection from books for other subjects. Always search Primo rather than rely solely on browsing the shelves!

If you are unable to find a book or where it is held please do ask at the Information Desk on Level 1.

For some books we have more than one edition or version (Primo calls them all 'versions') and you will have to click on the 'versions' link to get a sub-list of the different versions before seeing 'Get It'.

The 'Get It' tab will give you details of where the book can be found on the shelves (the shelf mark), the number of copies we have, and whether they are available. Tip: remember shelf marks starting with a 3 can all be found on Level 2.

Please Note: 'Available' means that the copy is 'believed to be' in the library. It could be a Reference copy or it could be in use by someone else within the library. Need to know if it is available for loan? - login to Primo (top right) with your computing username and password. Now when you click 'Get It' you can see if the book is loan ('6 week') or reference ('Not loanable').

If there are no loan copies available you can place a recall Request. This option only appears in the 'Get It' link if you have logged into Primo and all loan copies are out. This issues a recall notice, places the book on short loan and stops the book being renewed. This article explains about requesting books that are on loan to someone else. Requesting items on loan article.

What do I do if I can't find the book I need?

The book details are on Primo but all copies are on loan?
Place a request on the title - the book should then be returned within 1 week and you will be emailed to say it is ready for you to collect from the library. Unsure how to request? Read this article 'Requests' or watch the video.

The book details are on Primo but can't find it on the shelf?
Ask the library staff at the Information Desk for help. It could be in use, hidden or lost! If the book is a key text ask the library staff to inform the relevant Information Specialist.

The book details do not appear on Primo?
If it's on a reading list let the relevant lecturer know immediately and ask them to contact the library. You can also recommend the book to your Information Specialist. Alternatively, you can place an ILL Request.