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Criminal Justice

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Some of the references you see will be to journal articles. Here's an example:

Obladen, M. (2012). Bad milk, Part 1: antique doctrines that impeded breastfeeding. Acta Paediatrica. vol. 101, issue 11, pp1102-1104.

Clues to understanding:

  • There are two titles: the article title and the journal title (which is often in italics).
  • The journal title might be given in full or in abbreviated form, eg: Acta Paediatr or Acta Paediatrica.
  • There is usually no publication information (i.e.: place of publication; publisher).
  • There should be a volume number (might be an issue number) and page numbers (sometimes only the first page number is given). This might be given as shown above or as 101(11):1102-1104 or as 101:1102.

Tips for searching for journal articles on Primo:

To search for the journal you will need the journal title in full. You cannot search for the abbreviated title!

Use the instructions on the How to find journal articles page.