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Reading Lists: a guide to creating and maintaining your reading list: Step 2 Creating your list structure

A guide for University of Plymouth staff

Top tips

Top tips

  • Make sure you publish your list! It will only be visible to students once it has been published
  • Link the list to the correct module code/s. If it is not linked it will not appear on the DLE.
  • Naming your list- including the module code in the list name will make the list easy to find 

How to add sections

How to add sections to your list


  • If you are using a blank template or would like to add a section, click New Section.

screenshot 23.png 

  • Give your section a title and optional description. You also have the option to enter start and end dates for each section. If you only want students to see a section during these dates then you can tick the appropriate box. Click Create to finish adding the section. You can continue to add more sections as needed. Once added, you can re-arrange the order of sections by dragging and dropping.

screenshot 24.png

Creating your reading list from Moodle



Creating your reading list from Leganto