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A Support Guide for Academic Staff

Linking list to a module page

If you did not associate the your list with a Moodle course at the point of creating your list, you can still associate your list to a module or multiple modules when you are ready.

  • Select the 'three dots' at the top right of the list, then select the Manage Course Association option to add, edit, or remove a module association. A pop-up window will appear.
  • Select the correct course by typing a module code or title into the search box (modules you are associated with should appear), selecting the correct module, then clicking associate & close, as shown below. Make sure you associate your list to the correct year:-


Remember, your list also needs to be Published to show on the module page.

Please note: These module details come from the University’s central systems. If your module does not appear, please email

  • More than one list can be associated with the same module code.
  • Likewise, you can attach your list to more than one module.
  • The list needs to be associated with the module code for the list to be seen on the corresponding module page on the DLE. When the list is associated to a module code it will appear in the Reading Lists block on your module page.