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Reading Lists Support for Staff

A Support Guide for Academic Staff

Step 1: Creating your list

  • To create your reading list, go to
  • Click Guest in the top right hand corner and log in using the University of Plymouth Single Sign On  option, with your University username (not email) and password.
  • Click the                              button in the top left corner, select Lists and then click the + NEW LIST button as shown below. 



As shown below:-

  • Give your list a title (the module code is strongly recommended for ease of location and recognition).
  • Create a description if you wish.
  • Click the CREATE button.


  • Look at the list templates available to you. You can select the appropriate one if it fits with how you wish to structure your list. If not, select the Default blank template.
  • At this stage, you will be prompted to connect your Reading List with a course by clicking ASSOCIATE LIST, or you can do this later by selecting NOT NOW:-
    • If you choose to associate now, click the ASSOCIATE LIST button, as shown below:-


  • Select the correct course by typing a course code or course title into the search box, then clicking associate & close, as shown below. Make sure you associate your list to the correct year:-



Please note: These course details come from the University’s central systems. If your module does not appear when you start to type it in, please email

  • More than one list can be associated with the same module code.
  • Likewise, you can attach your list to more than one module.
  • The list needs to be associated with the module code for the list to be seen on the corresponding module page on the DLE. When the list is associated to a module code it will appear in the Reading Lists block on your module page.

You have now created your reading list and it is ready to be structured and populated! See Step 2: Creating your list structure.