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Researcher Support Library Services: ORCiD

Distinguish Yourself

Improve the discoverability of your work; eliminate name ambiguity; ensure attribution; minimise the manual burden of updating profiles.  Use your ID when submitting work for publication or applying for research funding to ensure you get credit for your work.  PGRs: Add your ID to Pearl when deposting your finished thesis.
Your ORCiD ID can be used throughout your research career, regardless of affiliation.  

How to set up ORCiD and link to university systems:

ORCiD account creation for Academics, Research Staff and PGRs


Create an ORCiD ID via Symplectic Elements (How do I do this?)

Watch this 1 min video to see how to connect ORCiD with Elements:

ORCiD at Plymouth

The University of Plymouth has an expectation that all research active staff and all doctoral research students who do not already have one, will create an ORCiD account & connect it to Symplectic Elements.  This statement is supported by DVC Research & Enterprise, Jerry Roberts.

Having an ORCiD profile improves author attribution for research, and is now an expectation of many research funders and publishers, requested and used within some grant application processes and manuscript submission workflows. It is likely to be mandated for the next REF, and is supported by several online services, including Research Fish, Scopus, Web of Science, VV Impact Tracker and Symplectic Elements - where having an up-to-date ORCiD profile can make the claiming of publications easier.