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GeoMapping: World resources

The rapid growth in the acquisition and use of geospatial data now applies to many disciplines and this unit offers expertise in GIS, map/illustration design, GPS, terrain modelling, air photo interpretation and other areas.

• Links to World Topo, Geologic and Ocean maps and data

World topography and geopolitical data

  • ETOPO1 - From the website "ETOPO1 is a 1 arc-minute global relief model of Earth's surface that integrates land topography and ocean bathymetry. It was built from numerous global and regional data sets, and is available in "Ice Surface" (top of Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets) and "Bedrock" (base of the ice sheets) versions."

  • Open Topography - portal to hi-res topography data and tools
    -  USA + world data
  • D maps - free world, continent and country outline maps 
    n.b. Do not click on DOWNLOAD _ right click on map - 'save target as'

World geological surveys

Global landcover

Oceans Maps - bathymetry

E-Journals related to maps and mapping available through the Library

Virtual Globes - displaying KML / KMZ files

  • Google Earth Pro – START button > All Programs > University Software > Google Earth Pro - The University subscribes to the Pro version of Google earth with additional features and high resolution printing. Much data is now available in kml format which will display instantly on the surface of a virtual globe
  • Bing –  a more recent globe introduced by Microsoft
  • Nasa World Wind 1.5.1 -    free for non-commercial use.  Download from
    World Wind Java is the latest cross-platform version, released in January 2013. Virtual globes are also produced for the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter plus the four Galilean moons.

History of Cartography

The History of Cartography Project is an immense six-volume international research, editorial and publishing venture spanning mapping from pre-history to the present.

Recent donations have funded free online delivery of Vols 1-3