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GeoMapping: Digimap

The rapid growth in the acquisition and use of geospatial data now applies to many disciplines and this unit offers expertise in GIS, map/illustration design, GPS, terrain modelling, air photo interpretation and other areas.

New users and repeat registrations:

Help & Support

To learn more about the range of maps and data available, how to use them and the software required to process raw data or have any problems with Digimap please refer to the file above, and then the online help. Amongst other things, this page links to the individual licence agreements for the various services, and answers the question 'How to cite Digimap' in academic work.

Please only contact University staff if you cannot find the help you need from the Digimap support pages. 

The University site representative is Jamie Quinn. If you have followed the registration / login instructions and still have an access problem please contact him on

If Jamie is unavailable or on Leave, Shaun Lewin should be able to help:


Accessing Digimap

Our Digimap subscription delivers maps and geospatial data (mostly of) Great Britain for teaching and research. The University has  recently improved its subscription to include access to the 10 major collections:

  • Ordnance Survey (Topographic maps and geospatial data)
  • Historic (Historical OS maps re-scaled and georeferenced)
  • Geology (British Geological Survey maps and geospatial data) 
  • Marine (Admiralty charts and hydrospatial data)
  • Environment (Land Cover maps and geospatial data for 1990, 2000, 2007, 2015and annually from 2017)
  • Aerial (Some of the highest quality aerial photography available for Great Britain)
  • Lidar (Earth Surface model from the Environment Agency. Data download for CAD/GIS only)
  • Global (Especially useful for areas outside of Great Britain, this service uses openstreetmap data)
  • Society (Demographic data with a wealth of census and socio-economic data)
  • Verisk (Info about age, structure, characteristics and use of buildings across GB)

Digimap’s Pilot Collection is also available. It provides access to data that Digimap are trying out and evaluating against demand from users. Currently (August 2023), it only houses some relatively low resolution Satellite Data.