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E-Textbooks Support: Kortext eTextbooks

A guide to help staff and students with finding, downloading and using Kortext eTextbooks.

How to find the Kortext eBooks

Your eTextbooks will be displayed in your moodle course on the right hand sidebar. You need to click on the book to set up your account, enter your details and agree to the account terms.  Please use the Chrome browser.


Licences mean that the books must only be accessed by the staff/students on the module (this may mean they are not on the module you would assume but don’t be tempted to move them). 

Make sure you click on each book to download. You need to download to keep the book. 

Accessing your Kortext eBooks


Please use the Chrome browser. Follow the link in the Kortext Bookshelf block on the right. You should be asked to create an account if you don’t already have one.  The book(s) for your module should be available to be added to your personal shelf.   Once created, you will be able to access your account via the Kortext block in Moodle in future.   Single-sign on will take you straight through without the need to login again.  You can download the Kortext App to your personal devices too and then download your Kortext books from your bookshelf to read offline.

Please note: Do not bookmark your Kortext books (as stored cookies will have timed out).  Instead, log into your module via the DLE and access this way.  Alternatively, by downloading to your bookshelf via the Kortext App you have full offline access and no necessity to login to the DLE.

Academic Staff

Please use the Chrome browser. Module leads should be contacted by Kortext with details to set up an account.  This account gives you elevated access to the engagement analytics for these books and titles should be available on the Kortext bookshelf.  The account can only be accessed by going direct to the Kortext site and logging in with your University email and the password supplied by Kortext.  Other teaching staff on the same module should be able to access in the same way as students (via the book in the Kortext Bookshelf block).


Kortext Support

There is a range of help videos and guides online at