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Systematic Reviews

Systematic reviews FAQs

Creating alerts

Exporting results

Most databases will allow results to be exported into EndNote and details of how each database does this can be found within the ‘Collecting References EndNote Online’  or 'EndNote: Collecting References (Desktop) section of the EndNote guides. There will also be information in the help sections of the databases to explain how to export results. Some databases will allow results to be exported into an Excel spreadsheet, again check the individual database help pages for more information.

You might also wish to review the page on documenting your search results.

Can I save my searches?

There may be options within databases to save searches. Some databases, such as the EBSCO and Ovid databases will allow you to create an individual account within the database and then you can save searches and your search history. For further information check the individual database help pages for how to save searches.

You might also wish to review the page on documenting your search results.

What is hand searching?

Hand-searching involves looking through the contents pages of journals, conference proceedings and abstracts. The purpose of hand-searching is to identify articles, which have not yet been included in databases or have not been catalogued or indexed.

You can also find additional studies by looking through the references of papers that you have already identified in your review. Many databases will automatically display the references that a paper has used in their work, with relevant links to access the references. Some databases, like SCCOPUS or Web of Science, will also contain an option for 'Citied by,' which will show you the papers that have cited them since they were published.


JBI SUMARI facilitates the entire systematic review process from protocol to report and includes team and contributor management for effective and efficient collaboration.

Creating an account

Step 1: Access Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) EBP Database (Ovid) from Primo Databases

Step 2: Within Ovid Select "EBP Tools" from the dark blue navigation bar at the top of the Ovid screen
Then select "SUMARI"

There are 4 login options on the JBI Tools Login page (as pictured).  Select ‘register new user’ (option1)

Step 3: Complete all fields and accept the terms & conditions then click Submit

Step 4: After your account is created a RED message will confirm as shown in screenshot to the right.
To Login click the "Login" link to the right of this message

Re-setting your password

We recommend clearing your browser cache before completing these steps.

Use the "Forgot Password" link (option 2) on the JBI Login tab to reset your password using the email address associated with your JBI personal account.  Please do note that the email address is case sensitive.

After completing the forgot password step, do NOT try to log into myJBI yet.

Check that you have these 2 tabs open in your browser:  Tab1 Ovid session and Tab2 JBI Login (as pictured)

Select the JBI Login tab (shown in green)

Enter your JBI username and new password on the login page, then click "Submit".  Note: Username/Password and email address are all case sensitive.

Sumari tool will open in a new tab.

If you encounter any problems with this process please contact the Ovid support desk: 

JBI SUMARI Knowledge base

JBI SUMARI knowledge base contains help pages for SUMARI basics, video tutorials, setting up your projects, uploading search results, extracting outcome data and more.


For further information or queries please contact your Information Specialist.

Importing Endnote to SUMARI

SUMARI allows you to import your Endnote reference library for screening.


Select all the references you require to be exported to SUMARI



Choose "File -> Export" In Endnote Desktop




Change the "Save as type" to XML & Save your library





In your SUMARI project, select "Screening" from the top tabs.





Inside the Screening page, choose the "Import" button, and you will be able to select your Endnote Library to upload.