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Systematic Reviews

The differences for science and engineering

Much of the information on Systematic Reviews comes from medicine and the health professions, and an evidence-based practice approach. The literature and basis of knowledge in these disciplines is different to the studies carried out across animal science, environmental science and mathematical-based subjects. In addition, the literature is organised differently, as databases across the health sciences tend to use controlled vocabulary terms in their databases (MeSH: Medical Subject Headings) which can make it easier to find specific information in those disciplines.

Students in science and engineering may be less familiar with evidence synthesis and struggle with interpreting guidance on the SR process that is healthcare focused. To assist students in these disciplines, we have created a course that gives an overview of the Systematic Review process and uses examples from disciplines in science and engineering.

You can use the course to familiarise yourself with the process before exploring the rest of this guide. The course also contains recommendations of resources to further your knowledge and skills.

Systematic reviews for STEM students course