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For when you prefer to listen rather than read - can be great for proofreading your work!

For PCs

NV Access logo

NV Access

NV Access is a free of charge screen reader for those using a Windows device.  Available in multiple languages and portable on a USB stick to use on other devices.

Microsoft Accessibility Bot for Teams

Microsoft Accessibility Bot for Teams

If you have an accessibility need, simply ask the bot a question to find out what Microsoft features exist to support your personal way of working. You can also use the menu to navigate and learn more about the range of accessibility features that could be of use when you're temporarily impaired.

Claro Speak Chrome

ClaroRead Chrome

ClaroRead is a Chrome app and provides a easy to use text-to-speech document reader. It opens in a separate pop up window and works offline.  You can open a number of document formats, including Word and pick from a selection of voices to have them read aloud. Download from Chrome Web Store. Find out more here.

Mac Text to Speech

This is built in to all Macs.  It enables you to have your documents and web pages read aloud.  You just highlight the text to be read and press your selected key combination. A number of human-sounding voices in different languages are available to download from Apple. The Mac can also convert selected text to audio and import it into iTunes.
Find it in System Preferences under Dictation and Speech in early versions or System Preferences - Accessibility- Speech in later versions. Find out more here.

Phone Apps

Claro Speak - Free App

Claro Speak - Free App for iOS (not Android compatible)

ClaroSpeak is a reading and writing app with high quality text-to-speech. Find it here

Calro ScanPen iOS

Claro ScanPen iOS (not Android compatible)

Claro ScanPen is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which enables you to photograph a document, then select text with a finger or stylus to have it read aloud.  It doesn't require an internet connection to do this, so it useful for times when you don't have access to a network. ScanPen can recognise text in ten languages and is compatible with Apple VoiceOver. Please see Apple App Store for up to date cost. More information here.

Prizmo Go

Prizmo Go (not Android compatible)

Prizmo Go is a free scanning app with difference.  Point your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch camera at a page of typewritten text.  Take a picture, Prizmo Go recognises the text in the picture and then reads it aloud to you, using the built-in voices on your device. It will work in conjunction with VoiceOver on your device, providing voice feedback while using the app.  Using VoiceOver the app can tell you how many lines of text are on the page, and where to position the camera. 
You can change the size of the text in the app and also import photos of text from your camera roll to be read aloud.  All the recognition of text is done on your device, so you don't require an internet connection for it to work. You can save pictures to the camera roll on your device, but you can't export or share the recognised text using the free version.  An in-app purchase unlocks this and other premium functions. Find in Apple App Store