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Present Pal

Present Pal is an accessible communication and presentation support software that acts like a set of interactive flashcards on your smartphone or tablet allowing you to prepare, rehearse and present with confidence.

You can create flashcards from your keyboard or text-to-speech from your recordings and customise the software to your visual needs.  Present Pal can help you keep your place in a presentation, checking off bullet points as you go and setting target times.  You can add 'safety nets' such as additional infomation or visual prompts and images.

You can find out more about Present Pal's features and find download links here.

You can get Present Pal via the Disabled Student's Allowance (DSA) by asking for it in your assessment, or with a paid licence from the site.

Find out more about the DSA process and how to apply here.

You can also integrate Present Pal with Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides, details can be found here. If you use a University issue machine then you will need to contact us to allow the add-in.  Just give us an email at