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UK Disability History Month

Discover UK Disability History Month events, activities and celebrations within Plymouth

UK Disability History Month at Plymouth University


UK Disability History Month takes place Nov 16- Dec 16 and the University of Plymouth is proud to support this annual event, which aims to promote disabled people’s rights and their struggle for equality now and in the past. 

Every year UK Disability History Month focuses on a different theme through the social model perspect. This year's theme is disability, children and youth, focusing on the Experience of Disablement amongst children and young people in the past, now and what is needed for the future. UKDHM comes from a Social Model/Human Rights approach, so that all children and young people with long term impairment will not experience the social exclusion of stigma, stereotypes, negative attitudes and socially created barriers in the environment and the way things are organised.

Click on the image to see the UK Disability History Month 2023 events at Plymouth University.