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UK Disability History Month


18th November - 20th December 2021

UK Disability History month is an annual event, celebrating and creating discussions around the history of disability rights and experiences in the UK and around the world. This year, the themes are sex and relationships and hidden impairments.

This Year's Selection

This year's selection consists of both books and ebooks by disabled authors. They are on display on Level 1 of the main library. A further selection of books are on display near the lifts on Level 1. All books are available to borrow.

Chosen Books 2021

disfigured book cover

Disfigured: On Fairytales, Disability and Making Space

Amanda Leduc

A look at how fairytales influence expectations and beahviour towards disability

Exile and Pride book cover

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation

Eli Clare

Essays exploring home as place, community, body, identity and activism

unwell women book cover

Unwell Women: A Journey Through Medicine and Myth in a Man-Made World

Elinor Cleghorn

Unpacking the roots of perpetual misunderstanding and misdiagnosis of women's bodies

frida kahlo and my left leg book cover

Frida Kahlo and My Left Leg

Emily Rapp Black

A personal examination of how the experiences, art and disabilities of Frida Kahlo shaped her life as an amputee

care work book cover

Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Collection of essays exploring politics of disability justice, with the lives of sick and disabled queer, trans, Black and brown people at the centre.

the minds eye book cover

The Mind's Eye

Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks tells the stories of people (including himself) who are able to navigate the world despite losing senses and abilities related to sight

the amazing edie eckhart book cover

The Amazing Edie Eckhart

Rosie Jones

This debut children's book from comedian Rosie Jones is the endearing and laugh-out-loud story of the eponymous Edie; a schoolgirl with cerebral palsy and a love of performance.


Reading and Writing Disability Differently book cover

Reading and Writing Disability Differently

Tanya Titchkosky

Unpacks the marginality of disabled people by addressing how our existence is configured in everyday literature society