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Use this guide to help you make the most of the library and information resourses

Sociology Websites

Google iconThere is a wealth of information available on the web and some of this may be useful for your assignments. You can search for websites using a search engine such as Google or Bing however, often this can overwhelm you with results. To improve your results think about using the advanced search settings - you can specify words to include/ exclude and limit by type of website. Some good Google search tutorials are available on LinkedIn Learning.

Official Bodies and Associations

Academy of Social Sciences

The Academy of Social Sciences promotes social sciences in the UK for the public benefit. It has useful links, reports and publications.

APHO Public Health Guide

A list and guides of UK Health organisations and charities

British Sociological Association

The British Sociological Association is the professional organisation representing sociologists in Britain. It promotes sociology, supports sociologists, and is the public face of sociology in Britain.


Official website of the EU. Topics include policy, economy, law and financial reports.

European Sociological Association

The European Sociological Association (ESA) aims to facilitate sociological research, teaching and communication on European issues, and to give sociology a voice in European affairs.

Local Government Association

The LGA represents all local authorities in England and Wales. Their website contains key documents and policies from the Association and includes sections on Public Service Agreements, Best Value, Community Leadership, e-government, Ethics/Code of Conduct and Local Governance (including New Political Arrangements).

NatCen Social Research

Britain's leading Centre for independent social research. Good high quality research in a range of social policy areas.

UK Parliament

Guide to news and work of Parliament. Information about members of both houses. Downloadable guides available.


Information Gateways


The SocioWeb

An independent guide to sociological resources on the Internet. Links to other websites, journals, surveys and statistics.

World Digital Library

The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world. Filter search by place or language.


Sociosite is designed from a global point of view — it gives access to the world wide scene of social sciences. The intention is to provide a comprehensive listing of all sociology resources on the internet. 


14 Helpful Blogs For Online Sociology Degree Students

"From pop culture to social justice, sociology blogs cover a wide range of issues that can help you stay informed about key issues and trends in this evolving field."

Cyborgology : humanity meets technology

An interesting blog discussing the benefits and perils of having so much technology in our lives from a sociological viewpoint. Focuses on Web 2.0, the internet and Social Media.

Everyday Sociology Blog

Welcome to, a site that features interesting, informative, and most of all entertaining commentary from sociologists around the United States.

FASS Research

Showcasing the Research of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore (NUS)

Global Sociology blog

Conversations between sociology students at the University of California, Berkeley and scholars from around the world. Recorded since 2011 and then made available to a global audience through the International Sociological Association.

Top 50 Sociology Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020

Feedspot has a team of over 25 experts whose goal is to discover and rank popular blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels in several niche categories including Sociology


The Sociological Eye

The sociological eye means looking at things for what they are, as best we can given the blinders of interest and ideology, of cliché and ritualized belief. It is not an individual enterprise. Chaining our efforts together as a long-term network of theorists and researchers improves one’s own sociological vision, provided we make the effort. The sociological eye holds up a periscope above the tides of political and intellectual partisanship, spying out the patterns of social life in every direction.

Sociological Images

"Sociological Images is used as a source by a wide range of news organizations and are routinely cross-posted at high profile news and opinion sites."

This Sociological Life

A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton, a longstanding and active member of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)