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Politics and International Relations


United Kingdom

Statistics from the UK central government departments

 Focuses on the main international measure of official aid spend, known as Official Development Assistance (ODA). 

Statistics on crime, probation, policing, immigration and the courts in the UK

Organisation which conducts surveys in the UK and internationally on political issues and news

Service provides by the ONS giving free access to the latest and most detailed statistics on the UK labour market by official sources

Official UK statistics site for health, education, social issues, economic, commerce and labour and all government policy areas.  Includes the 2011 Census


            Statistical office of the European Communities.  Eurostat gathers data from the official statistical agencies in member countries.

           Official website of the European Union


The leading source of labour statistics

Key starting points

Global and internationally comparable statistics on education, science and technology, culture and communication

Statistics on children of the world. UNICEF's key annual publication, State of the World's Children is available online

Human development reports published annually contain figures on global poverty, education and literacy, GDP, health, equality and the environment

A world of health data

Access detailed figures on all countries of the world

Free and open access to global development data

A scientific online publication that focuses on large global problems such as poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks, and inequality