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Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations

Google iconThere is a wealth of information available on the web and some of this may be useful for your assignments.  You can search for websites using a search engine such as Google or Bing however, often this can overwhelm you with results. To improve your results think about the using the advanced search settings - you can specify words to include/ exclude and limit by type of website. Some good Google search tutorials are available on LinkedIn Learning.

UK Politics


Central portal to government information, including Government departments, agencies and statistics.

UK Parliament

Guide to news and work of Parliament. Information about members of both houses. Downloadable guides available.

Democracy Live

BBC video coverage, live and recorded, of Westminster and regional assembly activities.

Politics Home

News resource providing comprehensive monitoring and reporting on UK politics.

Local Government Association

The LGA represents all local authorities in England and Wales.






European and EU Politics


Official website of the EU. Topics include policy, economy, law and financial reports.

Council of Europe

Organisation promoting co-operation between member European states to protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

ESO (European Sources Online)

Details of a wide range of information sources on EU affairs, with links to freely available items.

European Elections Database

Downloadable data on European national and EU elections since 1990, enabling comparative analysis.

The Parliament Magazine

News and commentary on contemporary EU issues and developments.