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Research Data Management



Research data applies to all disciplines and can be defined as anything that has been created or gathered that helps you to answer your research question (NEH, 2018), regardless of whether it is in a physical or digital format (RCUK, 2016).

University of Plymouth Support for RDM

Research Data Management support is provided by several university departments depending on the nature of the query:

Research Support

Funding & costing for RDM within grant bids; legal & ethical considerations; patents & Intellectual Property; Data Sharing Agreements

TIS (IT Services)

Technical solutions for data management e.g. costing for bespoke storage; device encryption; data destruction and information security.  Raise a self-service request to access any of these services.

Library & Digital Support

Your Information Specialists can advise on issues relating to Open Data; data sharing; repositories and publications.  The team can be contacted via the generic email: