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Research Data Management

Research Data Management

What is DMP Online?

The university recommends use of DMP Online as a tool to help you write and manage your Data Management Plan [DMP]. We have a subscription for DMP Online and our own University of Plymouth instance which can be found via this link:

You can use DMPOnline to:

  • Find funder requirements and templates
  • Write a DMP using a funder template or the DCC generic template
  • Follow guidance to create your DMP
  • Browse other DMPs that have been made public to see examples
  • Invite others to look at or collaborate on your DMP

How do I create/ link an account?

It is easy to create a DMPOnline account in the University of Plymouth DMPOnline- you can just sign in with your university credentials to begin using it.

You may have an account from prior use of the free DMP Online tool. You can link this with your university credentials by logging on with your old DMPOnline account and linking it to your institutional credentials. Guidance on how to do this is available in the PDF below.