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Research Data Management


Research Data Management

GDPR & Ethics

GDPR Training

If you are using participant data, you will need to apply for ethical approval and may need to complete GDPR training as a part of this process.

The General Data Protection Regulation governs how personal data should be collected, stored, processed and maintained throughout the research life-cycle and beyond. Staff should ensure that mandatory GDPR training and Information Security training is up to date. Training for PGRs in GDPR can also be accessed from the link in the resources section of this page.

GDPR and Data Processing Services

You must also use services that the university has an institutional contract with to process data, particularly that which falls under GDPR, e.g. data collection forms, transcription services etc. Information on approved suppliers can be found in Sharepoint on the Procurement site.

Ethics and Research Data

It can be tricky to think about the ethics of research, but the Open Data Institute has created resources to help researchers who are new to the practice of data ethics. You can use the Data Ethics Canvas to prompt consideration of ethical concerns in your data practices.

Internal Ethics Information

For information on the university's Research Ethics Policy, ethics boards, additional ethical requirements, and to contact advisers within the university who can advise on all ethics as it refers to your project and data collection/management, please see the University of Plymouth's Ethics Governance pages.

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