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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the library


We should all be feminists
Difficult Women: A History of Feminism in 11 Fights
Talking back: thinking feminist,thinking black
Unbound : my story of liberation and the birth of the Me Too movement
Iconic Works of Art by Feminists and Gender Activists
Staging Black Feminisms: Identity, Politics, Performance
Feminism and Art History Now
Hood feminism : notes from the women white feminists forgot
Feeling Academic in the Neoliberal University: Feminist Flights, Fights and Failures
Mobilizing New York AIDS, Antipoverty, and Feminist Activism
Pain and Politics in Postwar Feminist Art : Activism in the Work of Nancy Spero
Intersectional Feminist Readings of Comics
Posthuman Feminism
Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto
Feminist Judgments : From Theory to Practice
In Dora's case : Freud--hysteria--feminism
The art of feminism : images that shaped the fight for equality, 1857-2022
Feminist frameworks : alternative theoretical accounts of the relations between women and men
Interpreting women's lives : feminist theory and personal narratives
Outlaw Culture : Resisting Representations
Freudians and Feminists
The guilty feminist : from our noble goals to our worst hypocrisies
Knowing the difference : feminist perspectives in epistemology
We were feminists once : from Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the buying and selling of a political movement
The riot grrrl collection
Writing a riot : riot grrrl zines and feminist rhetorics

This section contains links to works across the Gender and Feminism fields including history, theory, and intersectionality


Born Both : An Intersex Life
Intersex Narratives Shifts in the Representation of Intersex Lives in North American Literature and Popular Culture
Contesting Intersex : The dubious diagnosis
Envisioning African intersex : challenging colonial and racist legacies in South African medicine
Fixing sex : intersex, medical authority, and lived experience
Intersex and identity : the contested self

Men and Masculinity

Spaces of Masculinities
Concerning beards : facial hair, health and practice in England 1650-1900
The problem with my normal penis : myths of race, sex and masculinity
May the best man win : sport, masculinity, and nationalism in Great Britain and the Empire, 1880-1935
Imagining Masculinities Spatial and Temporal Representation and Visual Cul.
Cultures of Masculinity
Misogyny, Toxic Masculinity, and Heteronormativity in Post-2000 Popular Music
Masculinities, Gender Relations, and Sport
Men and masculinities : theory, research, and social practice
OP : Original plumbing : the best of ten years of trans male culture
We Real Cool : Black Men and Masculinity
Witchcraft and Masculinities in Early Modern Europe
Mad men and Medusas : reclaiming hysteria and the effect of sibling relationships on the human

Women Across History

Women and Curiosity in Early Modern England and France
Women Warriors and National Heroes : Global Histories.
Title Women making news : gender and journalism in modern Britain
Hearts and minds : the untold story of the Great Pilgrimage and how women won the vote
Ladies can't climb ladders : the pioneering adventures of the first professional women
Bluestockings displayed : portraiture, performance and patronage, 1730-1830
Warriors and Witches and Damn Rebel Bitches
A bite of the apple : a life with books, writers and Virago
Gender and Culture in The 1950s
Everyday revolutions : remaking gender, sexuality and culture in 1970s Australia

Women in STEM

Rebels, scholars, explorers : women in vertebrate paleontology
Rosalind Franklin : the dark lady of DNA
Women in Supramolecular Chemistry
Counting girls out : girls and mathematics