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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the library

When all students and staff are able to study, teach, research and work with the safety, respect and dignity they deserve, institutions like the University of Plymouth flourish. Valuing each other's varied contributions will help us all achieve more.

This is especially true of the Library, where we support teaching, learning and research for students, academic and professional staff across the whole University.  We strive to make our services and the information we provide inclusive and reflective of the diversity of the world, and the University's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy; thus helping ensure our users are able to do their best work and ambitious research.

This guide highlights the Library's resources that are by or about groups who have historically been marginalised from academic spaces. It also celebrates the work that staff and students of the University are doing towards building a Library, campus and world that is inclusive of people from a diverse range of backgrounds and treats them as equals. 

When using Primo or the library, you may discover some items which contain offensive or harmful language or content, and we recognise they may cause distress.  We do not remove, censor, or restrict access to these items as they provide a basis for critical learning and research.