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Library Guides

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the library

These works deal with wide-ranging global and social issues from differing perspectives, such as those of class, mobility, and examinations of global systems that have historically devalued certain demongraphics.

Anti-colonial and Anti-Imperialist

Rhodes must fall : the struggle to decolonise the racist heart of empire
Insurgent empire : anticolonial resistance and British dissent
Pollution Is Colonialism
Narrative Expansions: Interpreting Decolonisation in Academic Libraries
The Integration Nation : Immigration and Colonial Power in Liberal Democracies
Contesting extinctions : decolonial and regenerative futures
Out of Africa : post-structuralism's colonial roots
Abolition and the Press

Immigration and Refugees

The integration nation : immigration and colonial power in liberal democracies
A transnational history of forced migrants in Europe : unwilling nomads in the age of the two world wars
Women and migration : responses in art and history

Social Mobility and Economic Equality

Young Working Class Men in Transition
Where We Stand : Class Matters
SDG1 - no poverty : making the dream a reality
SDG11 - sustainable cities and communities : towards inclusive, safe, and resilient settlements
SDG4-quality education : inclusivity, equity and lifelong learning for all
An introduction to transportation geography : transport, mobility, and place

Sustainability, Conservation and Environmental Justice

Nature Crime: How We're Getting Conservation Wrong
Pollution Is Colonialism
Urban Diversities - Environmental and Social Issues
Narrating nature : wildlife conservation and Maasai ways of knowing
Food geographies : social, political, and ecological connections
Cities in the anthropocene : new ecology and urban politics
Indigenous people and nature : insights for social, ecological, and technological sustainability
An introduction to conservation biology
Contesting extinctions : decolonial and regenerative futures
Indigenous intergenerational resilience : confronting cultural and ecological crisis
Smart Cities, Citizen Welfare, and the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals
Our house is on fire : scenes of a family and a planet in crisis