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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the library

Zines, an abbreviation of fanzines, have historically been valuable ways for people to spread their art and writing without the financial and political barriers of traditional publishing. Hand made and small circulated, these magazines and booklets have always been inexpensive to make, and their independence allows for a wider range of expression, from fanfiction to political advocacy. 

The Library's Special Collections contain over 300 zines, from a diverse range of authors. Here you can see some zines that are particularly focused around equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

EDI zines

The Sadsack Society: A Zine About Depression
Glitch Journal / A zine of words and images on the subject of / gender identity and mental health / for biological glitches / anomalies, and their allies
Fear Brown Queers / Returning and de-centering the white gaze / An on-going visual essay / Jacob V Joyce

Visting the Special Collections

The zine collection is one of many special collections, stored in the postgraduate study and special collections room on the 3rd floor of the Charles Seale-Hayne Library.  To access any zines in this collection you will have to complete an induction. 

You can learn more about how to plan a visit to read the zines or any other item from the special collections here.