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Adding References to your Endnote Desktop Library

You can add references to your library in several ways depending on how the original reference provider is configured to work with Endnote:

  • export references directly from databases and search tools e.g. Web of Science, Science Direct, Scopus, Primo, Google Scholar

  • manually create a reference within Endnote (useful for non-digital sources or unstructured sources e.g. web pages)

  • [Endnote also offers an 'online search' of external tools from within Endnote.  We advise against using this as it is not robust and control of your search is lacking].

Important!  Check the data has been imported correctly (all recently imported references go into a group called 'Unfiled') and edit any inaccuracies within Endnote otherwise the reference will display incorrectly in your Word documents.