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Endnote desktop tutorials and support

Q. I cannot see the Plymouth Cite Them Right (or Plymouth Humanities) style in Word

A: You need to download the University's Styles as well as the software 

You can download the styles from the link below or the University's Work At Home pages (select 'staff' or 'student' and look for Endnote in the menu.  You will then see the styles: Plymouth Cite Them Right, a Harvard style, or Plymouth Humanities).

Q. The style I need to use isn't available?

A. You can download additional styles from the Endnote website.

First of all check the existing styles using the 'Select another style' drop down menu within Endnote.

In addition to this comprehensive list of inbuilt referencing styles, Endnote also provides many more than you can browse on the website and install if needed.  For a list of all the styles check the EndNote website to see if it is already available to download.  If so, download and save the style in your styles folder (usually in the C:drive > Program Files > EndNote > Styles).  The style should now be available for you to select in EndNote and Word from the 'Select another style' drop down menu.

Q. I've cited the wrong reference. How should I remove it?

A. Always use the 'Edit & Manage Citations' option in the EndNote toolbar in Word to delete a reference correctly.

Endnote is coding so references cannot be deleted using the delete key on the keyboard.  See this page for full guidance.

Q. The full reference doesn't look right but when I make changes to it in word, EndNote changes it back! How can I change a reference?

A. Never type over a reference inserted by Endnote as it has coding behind it.  Instead, change the reference in your Endnote library first.

Endnote is coding so references cannot be deleted/amended using the delete key on the keyboard.  You can fix an inaccurate reference by amending the fields of the reference in your Endnote library.  Then, to see the changes take effect in your Word document, click 'Update Citations & Bibliography' in the ribbon.

See this page for full guidance.

Q. My bibliography has disappeared and the in text citations have curly brackets. How can I get my references back?

A. Don't panic! You have accidentally converted to 'unformatted'.

(Unformatted citations temporarily remove the Endnote coding - and is a useful feature for merging documents).  However to turn the formatting back on and display round brackets again simply click on 'Update Citations and Bibliography' on the EndNote toolbar in Word.

Q. I have several documents I want to merge into one with just one bibliograpy at the end. Can I do this?

A. Convert your document to 'unformatted' citations.

EndNote automatically puts the full references at the end of each document. If you have been working on a large project and have several documents you want to merge into one and therefore wish to merge the separate bibliographies, you can easily get all your references to appear as one list in a document.

To do this:

  1. In the EndNote ribbon in Word click on 'Convert citations and bibliography' and choose 'Convert to Unformatted citations'

  2. You will notice all your references have disappeared and the in text citations appear in curly brackets

  3. Open a new blank document and copy and paste your documents in the usual way

  4. Once you have merged them all into one document click on 'Update citations and Bibliography' – all your references will appear at the end of the document and your in text citations will appear correctly.

Q. How do I create a list of references without using CWYW?

A. Create a bibliography by copying references from Endnote

You may wish to create a bibliography or reading list in a document without using the CWYW function. To do this:

  • From within EndNote select a reference style from the drop down menu

  • Highlight selected references (hold down the shift or Ctrl+click key for multiple selection)

  • Right click and choose 'Copy formatted' (or use Ctrl+k)

  • Open the document where you want to place the list of references and paste (or use Ctrl+V)

  • Your references will be pasted in using the style you have selected

This list is free-text and without the underlying Endnote coding so can be typed over, edited and deleted as required.

Q. My Endnote library has stopped syncing with Endnote Online

A:  The most common problem for causing this is you have had to change your EndNote online password

You need to reset the syncing.  To do this:

Open EndNote > 'Library' > 'Sync'. 

Disable all automatic syncing and then restart EndNote.  Make sure the 'Trash' is empty both in EndNote Online as well as in EndNote desktop library.

Q: I wish to move my references from Mendeley to Endnote, how do I do this?

The Library provides advice, support and training on use of Endnote Desktop and Endnote Online referencing software.  Staff and students can use any preferred software although the Library can only support use of Endnote at present.  If you are a user of Mendeley and would like to use Endnote, we have provided some advice below on switching to Endnote: