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Where should I save my Endnote Library?

Important advice on saving and storing your library

  • Save your library to your computer's own hard drive

  • When you are using Endnote in CWYW it is constantly working to send information between the library and your Word document.  When running this process via the Cloud (e.g. OneDrive) or to memory sticks the files are more susceptible than other types of files to corruption over time. 

  • Do not save your library to the cloud or a usb stick (only save back-up compressed versions of your library in these places).

  • Your Endnote Library is made up of two file types (.enl and .data) which need to be located together all the time in order for your library to correctly function.

A key piece of advice is only create 1 Endnote library (do not make different libraries for different projects - use 'groups' instead for this).‚Äč

How do I backup my Endnote Library?

Regular back-ups

A lot of work goes into creating your EndNote library and backing it up is essential in case your library should become corrupted and you need to retrieve an older version to work from.  It is advisable to back it up periodically (or when large changes to your library have been made) as a 'compressed' library to save on space.  Date your back-ups so you know when they were last updated/active.  

To back up your library within Endnote by creating a 'compressed library,' select:

  • 'File' > 'Compressed library' (it will save as an .enlx file which compresses both the .enl and .data files) and choose the relevant options for you, e.g. whether to include PDFs in the back up. 

Remember to store the back up in another location in case of local hard drive failure.  Save your back-up compressed file to OneDrive or a USB stick, away from your active library.

How do I sync my Endnote Library to the cloud?

Syncing your Endnote Desktop library to the cloud (Endnote Online)

EndNote Online can be used together with the desktop version of EndNote enabling you to access your library in the Cloud when your are using a computer without the software installed.  A further benefit of Endnote Online syncing is that Online allows you to share your library with others.

You can set up an EndNote Online account and sync it with your desktop library.  From your EndNote library top menu:

  • 'Library' > 'Sync'

  • 'Sign Up' for an account (or enter your existing Endnote Online account details if you have one).

If you wish, you can set your Sync settings to sync automatically whenever you are using Endnote.  Do this by:

  • 'Edit' > 'Preferences' > 'Sync' > 'Sync Automatically'

Once you've synced with Online you can share your library with others: