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Library Research Support & Services: PhD Thesis submission

All postgraduate research students are required to deposit an electronic copy of their thesis into PEARL, the university's Open Access research repository.   Older research theses have also been digitized from Library holdings and added to PEARL.

Guidance on depositing your thesis

Depositing your thesis

The submission form will ask you to select an embargo period and give an option to licence your work.  You will need to be aware of any copyright issues (for example, including published versions of your articles, images etc.) and seek permissions or redact material accordingly.  The document gives a permissions seeking template and will advise on how to edit your document.  

For any queries on this process please contact

Requesting embargos

Should I stipulate an embargo?

PGRs can select from 3 options in the PEARL thesis self deposit process:

  • No embargo
  • 6 month embargo
  • 12 month embargo

(NB: Embargos longer than 12 month need prior Doctoral College approval).

We recommend making your work immediately Open as this aligns with Open Scholarship principles including following funder mandates to be open in research outcome dissemination; increasing your visibility for citation; and credits you with your ideas date/time stamped with an appropriate re-use licence should others wish to re-use your work.

Students may wish to embargo for purposes of future publication opportunities based on your thesis.  However, these days, many publishers do not view thesis publishing as prior publishing and in any case would usually require a substantial review of structure for a new audience. 

Some examples of publishers where a thesis is not considered prior publication:

  • Elsevier; Palgrave Macmillan; Sage (unless substantially the same); Wiley and others.  We recommend checking with your publisher before applying any embargo. 
Other reasons for setting an embargo:

Commercially sensitive information/patentable information.

Thesis submission: Key resources

Further support

Further support