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A Support Guide for Academic Staff

Install the Cite it! tool

To import citations from outside Primo (a website, for example) into your Leganto lists, you will need to install the 'Cite it' tool:

Please use Google Chrome as your browser.

  • Once logged in to Leganto, click your initials in the top right hand corner and choose  from the drop-down menu.
  • A window opens which allows you to drag and drop the Cite It! button straight to your bookmarks toolbar (you may need to enable the toolbar in Chrome first if it is not already showing):-



Once you have installed this, you can go to any website and click the Cite It! bookmarklet to harvest the information and attach it to your chosen list and section:-

  • Log in and open up the reading list to which you wish to add the entry.
  • Navigate to your chosen website in another tab or window.
  • Click the Cite It! button on your bookmarks toolbar and a new window will open. Change the Type field to Website (or whatever is appropriate), if necessary start typing in your reading list name in the Add to box and select it from the list. Select the section in which you wish the reference to appear and click Add & Close.