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Reading Lists Support for Staff

A Support Guide for Academic Staff

What can we digitise?

Your copies must fall within the limits of whichever is the greater, 10% or:

  • one chapter of a book

  • one article of a journal issue

  • one paper of one set of conference proceedings

  • one report of a single case from a report of judicial proceedings

  • one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages in an anthology of short stories or poems

If an eBook is available, then it is best to link to the required chapter rather than requesting a digitisation. Contact your Information Specialist to see if an eBook is available and appropriate for purchase.

Note that, if your reading list needs to be used for subsequent academic years, due to Copyright requirements any digitisations on the list for the new year will not work and will need to be reapplied for. Contact your Information Specialist for advice.

Place a digitisation request

The Library can digitise extracts, chapters and articles added to Leganto under the terms of our CLA (Copyright Licencing Agency) HE Licence. 

  • Placing a digitisation request is easy. Add a book or print journal to your reading list. Click on the citation and then select Digitization Request.
  • Fill out the relevant details in the pop up that appears and click Submit. (N.B. You must include page numbers or the request will be rejected).


  • Your request will now have the status of Digitisation in Progress:

  • When your request has been processed the status will change to Digitisation Approved. A link to the document will then appear on the citation. Students can then click and download their reading instantly.