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Reading Lists Support for Staff

A Support Guide for Academic Staff

What is expected of academics?

  1. Every module should have an online list: The approved Collection Development and Reading List Policy states that every module should have an online reading list.
    'The Teaching and Learning Handbook states that preparatory reading must be made available at least 48 hours prior to a teaching session, although a period of seven days is recommended.'
  2. Each list should have a named member of academic staff as ‘owner’ of the list: This will allow them to create and edit lists, and enable the Library to follow up any issues.
  3. Follow the best practice guidelines: Staff should follow the best practice guidelines in this library guide to create a high quality reading list that will guide and direct students’ learning.
  4. Review and update annually: Staff should review or update lists annually to ensure currency of content. The 'Library asks that Leganto reading lists are kept current and maintained, and updated at least once a year, preferably, no less than 6 weeks prior to the start of the teaching term'
  5. Online reading lists should be the definitive list: Above pre-validation lists or lists in module handbooks, because their greater interactive capabilities helps to enrich the student experience.
  6. Lists can direct students to a wide range of multimedia, online, and traditional print sources.
    'It is the responsibility of Module Leads and course instructors to check that any resources added to their list are available to a sufficient level of access for the whole class.'
    'Where materials are not available or do not met the level of access required it is the responsibility of the Academic to inform the Library.'
  7. Try to decolonise your reading list:  advice and suggestions can be found in the "Decolonise your reading lists" Library Guide.
  8. Ask for help: Consult your Information Specialist for advice on appropriate available resources.

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