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Reading Lists Support for Staff

A Support Guide for Academic Staff

How do I link my reading list to a module?

If you created your Reading Lists directly through Leganto and not through Moodle, and you did not associate the list with a Moodle course at the beginning, you can still associate your list to a course or multiple courses when you are ready.

Full instructions can be found here.

Can another member of staff edit my list?

Yes, go to 'manage collaborators' on the right hand side of your list, click 'invite collaborators' and type in the name of the person you would like to add.

If you find that they will need additional permissions at any time, please contact your Information Specialist direct, or via .

Can my students see my reading list once I have created it?

You will need to publish your list and make sure it is associated to the module before it is visible to students.

What is 'My Collection'?

My Collection' is your own personal Leganto library. You can use this space to save interesting resources that you would like to access later. These resources can be anything from a book, a journal article, a YouTube video, a webpage, etc. There is information about using this space here.

What are 'Discussions'?

Students can contribute to discussion threads in a couple of ways. The Student Discussion feature is available at the list level, and at the individual citation level.

You can respond to the comment, or you can delete the comment by selecting the trash can icon. A confirmation message will appear: select OK to delete the comment.

Discussions are only accessible by people with access to the reading list - generally students and staff on the relevant module.

 If you decide you don't want to have the student discussion feature in your list, you can easily disable it:

Click on the three dots at the top right of your reading list - select Configure list discussions, then select Hide student discussion thread.

How do I get usage statistics for my reading list?

You can get Analytics for your reading list by clicking the Analytics icon at the top of your list.

I can't see my list on the module page

First, make sure you have published your list. You can find instructions to do that here. Second, make sure you have associated your list to the desired module(s). You need to do this to populate the Reading Lists block on the module page. Instructions for this can be found here.

I can access my reading list in full but my students say they cannot

Check that your list is set to Complete. It should state Complete at the top of the List under the List title. If it states anything else, such as "Being Prepared" or "Being Processed," you will need to change this (you may need to click More info to see it). Simply click the three buttons at the top right, select Edit and change the "Reading List Status" field to Complete. Remember to click the SAVE button.

My list was rolled over to the new academic year and my digitisations are no longer accessible

We may need to re-request the digitisations for Copyright reasons. Please contact your Information Specialist for advice in the first instance.

Will the Library review my reading list?

Academic staff are required to review their own reading lists on an annual basis, as stated in the Collection Development and Reading List Policy, which states:-

Responsibilities of Module Leads and course instructors
The Library asks that Leganto reading lists are kept current and maintained, and updated at least once a year, preferably,
• No less than 6 weeks prior to the start of the teaching term to enable book ordering and delivery in time for the commencement of the module

Your Information Specialist cannot undertake this work for you.

Please do not use the LIBRARY REVIEW button at the top of your list as this only for use if you are requesting a book purchase directly from your reading list. It does not mean that the Library will check your list for you. If you have any questions about the procedure, contact your Information Specialist.

How do I link my list to a non-course/module page on the DLE?

You may occasionally wish to add a reading list to page on the DLE that is not a course or module page. In this instance, you will not be able to use the Course Association procedure as there is no course to link to. However, you can obtain a link that can be added to any DLE page using the following procedure:-

Go to your reading list:-

  • Click the 3 dots, top right, and choose Create a shareable link.
  • Copy to clipboard.

On the DLE page to which you wish to add the list:-

  • Add as a resource/activity.
  • Choose the URL option.
  • Paste the link under External URL.