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A Support Guide for Academic Staff

Requesting book purchases via your Reading List

It is now possible to place book requests directly from your reading list.

This is optional – you can still request purchases via your Information Specialist as usual, if you prefer. However, you may find it convenient to place orders in this way if you are working on a reading list.

Your Information Specialist will still moderate any orders that come through and will contact you if there are any issues.

Before you begin, make sure your list is published and linked to a module page on the DLE – otherwise your request(s) will not go through to the Library.

Creating your order request

  • Check Primo first to make sure we do not already hold the item. Assuming that we do not, add the item you wish to request to your reading list. You can either use the Cite it! tool to import your reference from a webpage, for example, Amazon or a publisher’s website, or you can add an item manually.
  • Once your item has appeared on the List, click the Add tags to item button:-

  • Select the Purchase requested tag.


  • Make sure the Purchase requested tag then appears on your item entry, as shown below:-


It is recommended that you repeat this process to add additional tags such as Essential or Recommended. This will help your Information Specialist to prioritise orders and decide on the type of eBook licence to buy, or how many copies of a print item.

  • Repeat the request creation as described above for any additional orders for that list that you wish to add
  • Finally, click the LIBRARY REVIEW button at the top of the list:-


  • The button should change to LIST SENT. Your request has been successfully sent to the Library!