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New Students - Activating Your Account

You will need to set up your computing account before you can enrol.

You will receive an email with the account registration link and details.

  • Input your student number and date of birth to find your account
  • Check and confirm your details
  • Read and agree to our polices
  • Set up your password
  • Make a note of your username and email address
  • Wait 30 minutes for your account to be created, before logging in to the enrolment system.

If you receive the following message you will need to try again the following day after 11am:

 'We are sorry but the details that you have provided do not match an account ready to be activated'

If you continue to get this message after a few days of trying, please contact us.


To enrol go to the online enrolment page and follow the on screen instructions.

Online enrolment sections - Tips

Make sure you tick the box at the end of each section and click on Save.

1) About you

2) Further information about you. Tips for this page:

  • Question: Are you or have you ever been in care? Living in care is when you live away from your parents. It could be with foster parents, other family members, in a care home, a residential school or secure accommodation.

3) Contact details. Tips for this page:

  • Out of Term Time Address This will be your 'home' address 
  • Term Time Address This will be your address in Plymouth or where you live during term-time e.g. University Halls. If you do not have this at the time of enrolling you could input your home address temporarily, and update your details via the portal once known.

4) Careers and employability

5) Tuition fee payment notification. Tips for this page:

  • Tick under Payment by Sponsor if your government is paying for your course and directly paying the University.
  • Tick Self-Fee payer if you or your family are paying for the course or if your government has paid you to pay the University.

6) Complete enrolment.

  • Once all the above sections have been completed (with a green tick confirming completion) you will need to click on 'complete enrolment'.
  • You will no longer be able to access the e@pplicant menu.