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Psychometric or psychological tests

Students often require copies of psychometric or psychological tests. Tests can be found in the following ways: 

  • Search PsycINFO and/or Web of Science to find references of articles which use/refer to the test, then access the full text of the most relevant articles. However, many articles will refer to the test but may not have the test questions or scales in the article.
  • Check whether the Psychology Test Library in Link 305 has the test  – You can check the catalogue at and you can access the tests by speaking with Fiona Trembath in Link 303.
  • Discuss your choice of test with your tutor or supervisor, they might have a copy, know where you might be able to get one from or suggest an alternative that is more readily available. 
  • Check the internet as some tests might be online or websites may provide a contact name and address.