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Floor Maps

We have four floors in the Library. Click on the map images below to view the floor and see where our facilities are located.

Level 0 Map

Level 0

Level 1 Map

Level 1

Level 2 Map

Level 2

Level 3 Map

Level 3


Facility Floor


All floors


All floors

Baby Changing

Level 1


All floors


Level 0, 1 & 2

Cafe Level 1. See our food and drink policy.
Student break room

Level 0.

Term time - this room is accessed by swiping in to the library gates at Level 1 and going to the Level 0 atrium.

Vacation - this room can only be accessed via the Level 0 foyer and using your University ID card to swipe in.

Water fountains All levels - see maps
Vending machines Level 1 and 2. Please note: Vending machine refunds are dealt with by The Vending People - contact The library does not deal with any lost monies from vending machines.
Food and Drink - please see our policy for further information